“Make Something Happen”

I came up with a cool concept today after playing with the 5D.

First, let me share my limitations,…1) I had no one to shoot (I was itching to play with the 5D a little bit) so I went into the studio and shot myself. 2) I only had a green screen to shoot on, so I set the camera in the “Monochrome” picture profile and overexposed the background to see if I could make the green screen look white. 3) I had no way to preview the video I was recording. I had to place an object in the place where I would be standing, and trade places with the object being careful not to miss the focus. 4) I had no idea what to shoot.

Needless to say, with a little bit of perseverance, and what I believe to be some God given ideas, I think I’ve started the beginnings of a new campaign/ commercial spot. All I wanted to do is practice,…More on this later,…

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